INTIMACY, " Spot on Schools ", Firenze 2003.

Information Technology in Architecture: Theory, Practise, Design
Instructor:Antonino Saggio ( T. A. Francesco De Luca, Italia Rossi ).

The teaching activity consists of lectures, seminars, tutorials, desk crits and " electronic" reviews and is organized according to seven thematic cycles, each characterized by  two points of view: the first one looks at contemporary architectural culture and its latest researches; the second one investigates the topic as it relates to the world of electronic processing. The seeming unbalance between the two points of view produces interesting dynamics inside the class itself, while providing it its motivation and true incentive.
The final work produced in 2003 is called Texpò and proposed a large virtual exhibit on the banks of the Tiber, in the Ostiense area, between the Gasometer to the north and the Marconi Bridge to the south. They are twenty-five projects/installations, each located in a specific site inside a harmonic masterplan that redesigns the banks of the Tiber as a
series of emerging thresholds, genereting areas with various shapes and bents. Each project/installation is characterized by a series of aspects which can be outlined as follows.
A. First of all, each projects is based on a " theoretical and technological" theme that is relevant for today's information research ( sensors, quanta, topological structures, innovative materials, projective or physical interactivity, etc...).
B. Each theme generates a "story", i.e. it finds a concrete application by means of an effort that links research to reality. Often they are real, functional facilities that support the exhibit ( a projection tower, a thermal facility, a baby-sitting area, etc.) while at other times they are installations ( event space on the water, moments of meditation and therapy, changeable landscape configurations, etc).
C. Each project/ installation is part of an area of the Texpò. Hence there is a specific design of the space, of its surroundings and of its links with the adjacent interventions, as well as with the project at large.



                                                                 SCRIPT, " Spot on Schools", Stazione Leopolda, Firenze 2005.

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