Curriculum Vitae


Giovanni Betti


• August 2006- Present (expected date of completion August 2007)
Candidate for Master of Architectural Sciences in Ecological Building Systems at Rensselaer Politechnic Institute (RPI) NY, USA (GPA 3.74);
• December 2005
Degree of Doctor in Architecture E.U. (class 4/S) with the final mark of 110/110 cum laude out of 110 at Rome University of Studies 'La Sapienza'
Thesis Title: 'Toward a Sustainable Mobility in Rome, an exchange facility in Porta S.Paolo';
Advisor Prof. Arch. A. Saggio;
• Sepember 2000 – June 2001
European student exchange program scholarship at the Ecole de Architecture de Paris Belleville and the Institut Francaise de Urbanisme;


• 2004 – 2006
Design process assistant in the architectural firm A&V Architetti, led by Cinzia Abbate and Carlo Vigevano, specialized in environmentally sensitive architecture.

Projects Handled:
Design Competition "The Parachute Pavilion. A design competition for Coney Island";
Disassemblable information point in Lampedusa, Sicily;
Masterplan of Cyclable Paths, Chia, Sardinia;
Ecological Fish Shop, Chia, Sardinia;
Integrated communication plan for an educational PhotoVoltaic plant in Rome.


• December 2006- ongoing
Author for the Italian architecture magazine "L’Architetto Italiano" edited by EdilStampa
• May 2006
Translated the book "Rebel Rooms: Envisioning the Hacker Space", by Alexander Levi and Amanda Schachter, for the IT Revolution in Architecture series, edited by EdilStampa
• May 2004
Participated with the design group nITro at Collective exhibition "Lo Spazio Digitale dell'Architettura Italiana" ("The Digital Space of Italian Architecture") by Maurizio Unali;
• January 2004
Co-founded the cultural association "Artelago", whose main purpose is to promote young artists in the territory of Rome and province;
Helped organize and stage, with the cultural association Artelago, the photographic exhibition "India, harmonious anarchy", by Joseph La Mela, within the International Festival of Photography of Rome and with the patronage of the embassy of France in Italy
• January 2003- ongoing
Co-founded the research group on architecture and new information technology nITro, 'New Information Technology Roman Office', led by Prof. Arch. A. Saggio


• April 2007
Faculty Graduate Recognition Award for Excellence in the Study of Architecture and General Acdemic Achievement by a Graduate Student at Rensselaer Politechnic Institute (RPI) Troy, NY USA;
• March 2006
Third prize at the international design competition "Urban Eyrie; Haven in the City", promoted by the Royal Academy of Arts in London and the on-line magazine World Architecture News, with the project "Urban Conditioning"; design group: nITro (R.Angelini, G. Betti, A. Di Raimo, E. Tarducci);
• September 2003
Fourth prize at the national two-phased design contest Tercas XVI, with the project "Values of the Void", for the recovery of the historical center of Castelbasso, Teramo, Italy. Design group: Arch. B. Menconi, Arch. G. Basta, Eng. S. Menconi, G. Betti, A. Desideri.


• Languages
Italian Reading:Excellent Speaking:Excellent Writing:Excellent
English Reading:Excellent Speaking:Excellent Writing:Excellent
French Reading:Excellent Speaking:Excellent Writing:Good
Spanish Reading:Excellent Speaking:Good Writing:Good
• Software Skills
Proficient in:
General Explorer, Word, Excel, Powerpoint;
CAD AutoCAD, Rhinoceros + RhinoScript, Cinema 4D;
Graphics Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw;
Building Simulation Ecotect, Weather Tool;
Other Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks, FTP, Adobe Premiere.