"URBAN EYRIE" "  -  Haven in the city


Urban Conditioning

International Design Competition by the Royal Academy of Arts, London, to evaluate new proposal that addressed the concept "Urban Eyrie" creating quiet havens in the city while allowing a new experience and understanding of the urban environment.

Nitro's proposal (Rosetta Angelini, Antonino di Raimo, Emanuele Tarducci and Giovanni Betti), starts recognizing a crisis. Using 'augmented' materials a new kind of social space is envisioned, capable of metabolizing what is perceived as pollution (atmospheric,visual, acoustic) into a new consciousness of the urban environment.


International jury comments on the entry:

Exploits the possibilities of new materials to meet the brief with imaginative and multi-faceted street furniture.

"There are two stories here, the exploration of material science and the humanistic sensibility to how people may relate to one another" -Richard Mc Cormac

"Uses materials and technology that seems within reach" -Richard Coleman

"Will it really be effective in distracting noise, air pollution & the stench of a big city?" -Kisho Kurokawa