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sicily lab

Organization 2011


1. Gioiosa marea site analysis

May 21
Gioiosa: History, Landscape & Urban structure. The historical development, the morphological structures, traditions and culture of the town of Gioiosa in Sicily


2. Theatrical Gioiosa

May 22
Blurring Edges. The use of the public space as performance in the traditional culture of the mediterranean cities


3. IT Nature and other aspects

May 23
Hybrid and Multitasking. Role of nature and IT technology in thinking of public and performance spaces.



May 24 explanation on site.
Cefalù alive. Spaces structure architecture and material details.


Projects Locations In Google map

downTown Drawing

DownTow Tiuff 1000 scale

DownTown Tiff 2000 scale















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