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Antonino Saggio I Quaderni



Polis University
Master Lecture and Workshop 2015

Six Design Operations by Frank Owen Gehry

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1.Gehry: Assemblare/ to assemble
2. Gehry: Spaziare/ to create space
3. Gehry: Separare/ to cut
4. Gehry: Fondere/to melt
5. Gehry: Slanciare / to fling
6. Gehry: Liquefare/ to liquefy


Audio Recordings


Audio May 8 key words 1, 2

Audio May 8 key words 3

Audio May 9 key words 4, & 5


To Celebrate the Birth of La Veletta, yesterday May 9, 2015

here is the Free Download of


Antonino Saggio, Architetture residuali


in English
Antonino Saggio, Flying Carpets, in B. Lindsey, Digital Gehry, Birkhauser, 2001 ^^


Antonino Saggio, Frank Owen Gehry Architetture Residuali, Testo&Immagine, Torino 1997 ^^
Antonino Saggio, Architettura e Modernità Dal Bauhaus a La rivoluzione Informatica, Carocci, 2010 ^^




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The Chessboard of Frank Gehry


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