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"1 + 1 = Three"

Second International Workshop

New forms for Information Technolgy and Architecture in a mediterranean context

workshop offered by: Antonino Saggio & Nitro with special guest Giovanni D'Ambrosio



2nd Seminar of the Sicily Lab
Antonino Saggio, editor of the book series IT Tevolution in Architecture, and the group Nitro offer the Second Workshop in Gioiosa Marea, Sicily, from August 31 to September 7, 2008. Special Guest will be Giovanni D'Ambrosio who will follow as a teacher the entire workshop.

The workshop is open to designers (architect, planners, product deseigners landscape architects..) at the end of their academic studies or during the development of their work at graduate level

The Stake of the Workshop is that 1 + 1 will equal Three! which means that the wealth of research in Information technology will combine with the concrete experience of the implementation of environmental principles, creative use of vegetation, invention of everyday solutions for architectural purposes. The combination of these two areas of interest will lead the search of the participants to new hypotheses

Particular attention will be raised to innovative uses of Ceramics in construction, design and creation of urban spaces, .

The work of designers participating in the seminar, will be enriched daily by a series of conferences given by architects of great interest operating in Sicily

What is offered is an intense period of study and work, but also a creative and intelligent holiday, in a pleasant seaside resort. Experience has had great success in 2007 and we are sure that this year we will have a happy outcome again.

A individual report and evaluation of the research of each participant will be provided at the end of the seminar

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