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Gioiosa Marea and Sicily Lab

Frames: Urban Edges along SeaShore


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Given the specific situation of Gioiosa Marea, the workshop 2019 is concentrated this year in a serious of actions that we may define " realistic as well as provocative ". The goal is to reactivate the boundries between the city area and the seashore.

Lecture Gioiosa and
The three Areas of Interest


Lecture Five Topics


Key Words after Polis

Lecture Valerio Perna

September 3 at

at 18:00

1. Title and subtitle of the project

2. Narrative and list of main function

of the project

3. Site of plan of the project

4. Mock up conceptual image 1 of two of the main feature of the project)

Final Requirements and Jury

Work of Sicily Lab and rerquirements

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